"Human resource"

16.02.18 - 20.04.2018

Resources mean namely sources and reserves, so in the words «human resource» there is a specific cynical beauty. What are these sources? What are the reserves? if we forget about corporations and qualifications the world that came up with the collocation ‘human resource’ should think about body as some kind of resource. I experience a strong ‘sense of resource’,for example, when I look at any photos of sports or military holidays. I don’t care which country or era they represent. No matter if these pictures were taken from height or approximated. (Techni)color or black and white. Just any images where people perform synchronous ordered actions please my eye as does any order and rhythm. And still they disturb me as something quite unnatural.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        My own ((un)human) ‘resource’ for the last several years has been educational films on gymnastics and synchronized swimming shot in the fifties. I can’t help watching over and over these commercials set on the beaches and in outdoor swimming pools; they are just soaking with radiant sun and erotic. In the comedy Footlight Parade of 1933 there is an episode called ‘the human waterfall’. Its sinister charm made me feel uneasy: innumerable female figures turn into a functional set, their bodies make unimaginable stars or flowers to form a single truly monstrous image.