"Sharp ellipses"

15.04.2016 - 20.05.2016

Oleg Kostyuchenko is an artist, combining in himself the intentions of painter and sculptor of monuments.
Having graduated from the Belarus State Academy of Arts, he got actively involved into the artistic process of not 
only Belarusian but also Russian and Eastern European art scene.  So the young artist  took part  in the number of group 
and personal  projects in Belarus, Russia, Germany, Sweden and Poland.
The personal exhibition of the artist iseveral  series of works combined with the idea odiary, as a result of deliberations and personal search for solutions to the issues raised nowadays.
The exhibition becomes his personal message/view, reflecting the position of the artist not  only towards  the environment where he grew up, but also towards the entire world around him.
Stereotype as a doctrine
Referring to the heritage of his predecessors, Kostyuchenko makes an attempt to argue against the common opinion
of contemporaries and colleagues on the art history  as the  used  material. The artist makes personal      doctrines anew, which, in its turn, do not meet the context of time and place, but set  the key symbols.
Oleg Kostyuchenko got actively engaged into iconographic characters. Here the artist through the provocativity of forms strives to speak about basic human values and moral crisis, namely about its reasons. Raising issues, the artist makes
his version of contemporary ethnic landmarks
Criticism of self-marginalization, human isolation
Expressing the personal opinion has become the target of the artist’s work. Its precision and clarity depend on the strategy chosen by the artist. The interpretation doesn’t include flexibility: heaven-high balls mean the l i g h t w e i g h t  and missing opportunities, whereas ground is the process and struggle (with oneself, daily routine, etc.).Shells, parts of a  human body, a straitjacket are the implication, the artist’s module of a modern person hurt by daily routine, the deterrent.  It is the first visual impression, first of all, towards oneself.
“Sharp ellipses”
Advertising and mass media stereotypes dampen quiet, sincere human speech. From Oleg Kostyuchanko's poin of view, It is not fashionable to hear each other. However, he Is certain that the time has sharply defined the failure of a mutilated dialogue. The artist raises the issue daily, so art, painting Is suitable opportunity for him to present patterns
of solutions, keeping the right for his ”sharp ellipses".