Daria Semchuk is an artist who works under the pseudonym «Cemra» in the genre of conceptual art. She was born in 1990 (Grodno, Belarus).

Cemra  is a Belarusian word which means darkness, since the most part of the artist's works reflects the dark side of the humanity.

She is a participant in the largest exhibition projects in Belarus. 2019 – a winner of the Autumn Salon with Belgazprombank; 2020 - the first solo exhibition in “Art-Belarus” art gallery (Minsk).


"Рубец". 135х100 см, холст, масло, акрил, смола, 2021.
"Медицина как искусство". 92х72 см, холст, дерево, гипсовый бинт, 2021м.
"Мне больно". 62х52 см, холст, дерево, смола, масло, 2021.
"Пуля-дура". 75х40 см, холст, кристаллы, смола, масло, 2021.
"Грусть". 210х140 см, холст, масло, акрил, 2021.
"Беларусочка". 120х100 см, холст, пастель, акрил, 2021.
"Бриллиантовая зелень". 38х28 см, холст, масло, бисер, стразы, 2021.