Alexander Akutsyionak

Alexander Akutsyionak

Alexander Akutsyionak was born on 14 May 1988 in Rodoshkovichi, Minsk region. He finished secondary school, and then in 2006 he entered the department of easel painting in Minsk Glebov Art College.

Alexander Akutsyionak works in the genre of figurative painting, which is one of the most interesting types of graphic arts. There is a wide range of feelings and humans’ experience in his works, such as an inexplicable pain of loneliness, irresistible, almost furious passion, anger and complete estrangement. Characters of Akutsyionak’s paintings are people in the condition close to boundary. It makes the audience feel emotionally shocked but definitely leads to intellectual interpretation of the seen.

Alexander Akutsyionak's first personal exhibition will take place in the "A&V" art gallery. 4


Коса на камень. 120 х 70 см., холст, масло, 2014.
Hard loving man. 100 x 100 см., холст, масло, 2014.
Вывод. 100 х 70 см., холст, масло, 2014.
Бесцветный. 140 х 105 см., холст, масло, 2011.
Полоса жизни. 140 х 70 см., холст, масло, 2013.
Раб кисти. 120 х 80 см., холст, масло, 2013.
Жизнь по косточкам. 120 х 70 см., холст, масло, 2013.
Мужское. 90 х 60 см., холст, масло.
Женское. 85 х 70 см., холст, масло, 2012.
Крылья - ноги. 70 х 50 см., холст, масло, 2012.
Не кентавр. 120 х 80 см., холст, масло, 2013.
E = MC2. 140 x 50 см, холст, масло, 2013.
Разрыв. 50 х 40 см., холст, масло, 2013.
1- подход. 53 х 35 см., холст, масло, 2012.
Рак. 43 х 31 см., холст, масло, 2012.
Молитва. 76 х 102 см., доска, масло, 2012.